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View-It IR Laser Spot Targets

View-It IR Laser Spot Targets

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    • Each sheet includes three View-It® IR Laser Spot Targets, each with different outer diameters and inner diameter beam centering apertures.  View-It® IR Laser Spot Targets have a low-tack backing for easy repositioning.

      Visualize IR laser beams for perfect alignment of components such as lenses, beam splitters, mode apertures, steering mirrors, and beam analyzers.

      Need to align multiple components? The beam passes thru the center hole in the target, facilitating alignment of multiple components.

      Target Specifications

      0.75” OD target with centered .100” Dia. thru aperture reference for 3 mm beam.

      1.00” OD target with centered .147” Dia. thru aperture reference for 4 mm beam.

      1.50” OD target with centered .260” Dia. thru aperture reference for 37 mm beam.

      Use & Specifications

      Attach target with OD centered on component, and then steer the laser beam to go thru target’s aperture. When beam is centered and depending on beam diameter, you may see a halo of green around the thru aperture.

      Sensitivity range: 800 nm to 1700 nm

      Sensitivity threshold: >50 µJ/cm2 (pulsed laser) and >100 µW/cm2 (CW)

      Beam color converts to: Green spectrum

      Spatial resolution: better than 50 grooves/mm, meaning that features of less than 200 µm in size can be resolved visually.

      Typical applications: IR - GaAs Laser Diodes (800-830 nm), InGaAs Laser Diodes (880, 960-980 nm), Nd:YAG (1064 nm) Er:Glass (1540 nm), telecommunications.

      No fading or saturation – consistent output for steady light input (it’s NOT necessary to constantly move the viewer.)

      Caution: Do not keep a high energy or high peak power beam on this product for extended periods to avoid damaging this product.

      OEM custom configurations please contact us.

      Material Safety Data Sheet

    • View-It Response vs. Laser Wavelength

      Part number: VW-IRT (VWIRT)
    • Left: VW-IRT used to align the beam in a medical laser delivery device. A flexible section of a hand-held, user-directed beam delivery system for medical/surgical lasers is shown. A VW-IRT target is mounted on the output end of the device to align the laser beam, which passes thru 7+ joints each with a steering mirror.

      Right: VW-IRT target attached to an optical mirror mount to facilitate proper aligment of the laser beam.Application of View-It IR Laser Spot Targets

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