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Beam Trap for 0-50 watt Lasers

Beam Trap for 0-50 watt Lasers

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Aperture Diameter

Features of LBT-0.75, LBT-1 and LBT-2

0.75", 1" or 2" entrance aperture Laser Beam Trap, 0 to 50 Watts capacity.
ZERO Bounce Back for safe laser beam stopping.
Wide acceptance aperture.
Full trapping across the visible spectrum.
Low power, convection-cooled for 0-50 watt lasers.
Beam dump tapped table or optical bench mount stands.
Internal dual wedge trapping design for complete trapping.

Operation Guidelines

Choose a beam dump that fits the maximum average power of your laser.

CW Example: Any output over 50 watts calls for a water-cooled beam dump (see P/N LBT-2C).

Pulsed Example: Energy per pulse is 4.5 joules and the Rep. Rate is 100. Multiply the single shot energy by the Rep. Rate for average power. (4.5 x 100 = 450 watts).

Q-switched lasers: Be aware that the black non-reflective coating will be damaged after long exposure. However, our beam dumps are designed not to reflect the beam outward even if all the black coating has eroded away.

Operation Setup Guidelines

Always wear the appropriate laser eyewear whenever the laser is operating.
Never position the beam dump at the focal point of any optics; this will cause unnecessary damage.
Place the beam dump in the beam path where you want to stop the beam.
Fasten the beam dump to the work surface to prevent accidental movement or tipping over.


Part numbers: LBT-0.75 (LBT0.75), LBT-1 (LBT1), LBT-2 (LBT2)
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