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ZAP-IT® Laser

LEP-W-6001 Laser Safety Glasses for UV and CO2

LEP-W-6001 Laser Safety Glasses for UV and CO2

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The slightly curved clear poly lens offers laser protection for the marked wavelengths.  The frame features a wide field of view in our large single-lens fit-over style with ratcheting and adjustable length temples.  We package our eyewear in a durable zippered case and provide an adjustable head retention strap.

Laser Safety Markings:

OD 7+ @ 190-360
OD 7+ @ 5000-11000

950% VLT


ANSI Z136.1
ANSI Z87+ 

Not CE marked.  Will not ship to countries requiring CE certifications.

End-user customer of all Zap-It Laser safety eyewear products assumes full responsibility for comprehensive evaluation of the laser hazards in their working environment and proper implementation of laser safety protocols including selection of appropriate laser eye protection.  We encourage our customers to comply with the ANSI Z136 standards for laser safety.

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