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ZAP-IT® Paper 4 x 8 inches


Z-48, 50 sheets/package.
Each sheet is 4 x 8 inches.
0.11 mm thickness.
Documentation Information printed on back.

Use ZAP-IT® Paper to Document Laser Beam Characteristics

Beam shape
Energy Distribution

ZAP-IT® Paper Features

Pulse Width Range: 1 ns to 30 ms
Energy Level Range: 5 mJ/cm² to 20 J/cm²
Sensitive over a broad spectrum, from ultraviolet to infrared.
Used to align external accessories, such as beam expanders, lenses, apertures, attenuators, and power measuring equipment, to the laser beam axis.
Now packaged in reclosable poly bag for easy access.
Record laser and beam specifications in the area supplied on the back of ZAP-IT® Paper.
Establishes a stable, visual database


Part number: Z-48 (Z48)

To Use ZAP-IT® Paper

Hold the paper in the beam path at the point where the beam imprint is to be recorded. Pulse the laser to produce a permanent visual record, corresponding to the energy distribution within the laser beam. For continuous wave (CW) lasers, use a mechanical chopper or Q-switch to create a short pulse or physically switch the laser on and off rapidly. ... more about using ZAP-IT® Paper

Material Safety Data Sheet

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