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ZAP-IT® Low Energy Paper Targets


The ZAP-IT® Low Energy Laser Alignment Paper Target is 2" x 2.2" with four fine-line, cross-hairs targets.
100 sheets/package.

This low energy paper has a 20% lower energy threshold than ZAP-IT® Paper.

Use ZAP-IT® Paper to Document Laser Beam Characteristics

Beam shape
Energy Distribution

ZAP-IT® Paper Features

Pulse Width Range: 1 ns to 30 ms
Energy Level Range: 5 mJ/cm² to 20 J/cm²
Sensitive over a broad spectrum, from ultraviolet to infrared.
Used to align external accessories, such as beam expanders, lenses, apertures, attenuators, and power measuring equipment, to the laser beam axis.
Packaged in a tabbed, reclosable box for easy access and storage.
Record laser and beam specifications in the area supplied on the back of ZAP-IT® Paper.
Establishes a stable, visual database


Part number: ZL-22 (ZL22)

To Use ZAP-IT® Paper

Hold the paper in the beam path at the point where the beam imprint is to be recorded. Pulse the laser to produce a permanent visual record, corresponding to the energy distribution within the laser beam. For continuous wave (CW) lasers, use a mechanical chopper or Q-switch to create a short pulse or physically switch the laser on and off rapidly. ... more about using ZAP-IT® Paper

Material Safety Data Sheet

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