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View-It IR Spot Detector for 800-1700nm

View-It IR Spot Detector for 800-1700nm

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  • The View-It® IR Spot Detector is a sheet of three 2” diameter thin, flexible IR targets with a low-tack adhesive backing for easy repositioning. Use the View-It® IR Spot Detector to visualize IR laser beams for alignment with components such as lenses, beam splitters, mode apertures, steering mirrors, and beam analyzers.

    Sensitivity range: 800 nm to 1700 nm

    Sensitivity threshold: >50 µJ/cm2 (pulsed laser) and >100 µW/cm2 (CW)

    Beam color converts to: Green spectrum

    Spatial resolution: better than 50 grooves/mm, meaning that features of less than 200 µm in size can be resolved visually.

    Typical applications: IR - GaAs Laser Diodes (800-830 nm), InGaAs Laser Diodes (880, 960-980 nm), Nd:YAG (1064 nm) Er:Glass (1540 nm), telecommunications.

    No fading or saturation – consistent output for steady light input (it’s NOT necessary to constantly move the viewer)

    Caution: Do not keep a high energy or high peak power beam on this product for extended periods to avoid damaging this product.

    OEM custom configurations please contact us.

    Material Safety Data Sheet

  • View-It Response vs. Laser Wavelength


    Part number: VW-IR2S (VWIR2S)
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